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Girls Who Like Girls Who Game!


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Hello, and welcome to lesbian_gamers! This is a new and growing community.

This community is for girls who like girls who game. If you identify as a girl, and you like girls, and you play any online, console, pen or paper, card, computer, or any other types of games I haven't mentioned, please feel free to join! The purpose of this community is to find like minded people, with like minded interests easily and without having to put up with the immaturity and bigotry of the gaming world. Note: Non-gay members are welcome. =) As long as you understand the majority here are gay.


Too all new members:

Feel free to post an introductionary post if you would like. =D Things to include are your favorite games, favorite genres, or anything else related to the community.


The Rules:

1: Respect other members. There is a 100% no tolerance rule towards anyone who joins to attack and disrespect other members of the community. You will be attacked and banned in return. We show no mercy to retards.

2: Be smart about your posting. Use the lj-cut tag for long posts, or posts with pictures, or post that would bog down other people’s friend’s lists.

3: What to post! Please do NOT not post quizzes or things like “WAT NARUTO CHARACTER R U??/ LAWL” in this community. Polls however are welcome.
Intelligent discussions about games are welcome. Screenshot posts are also welcome. Posts about guild drama ventings, and other game-ish related subjects are welcome. Posts about your day at work (unrelated to anything remotely close to gaming) should probably go in your personal journal. We appreciate that you’d like to share, but it is off topic.

4: Once again, disrespect, bigotry, trolling, flames, ARE NOT WELCOME. Debates however, are welcome. Keep it smart. Keep it respectful. Keep it mature. Thanks!

Notice: Since this community is new, as well as it’s maintainer to the community/moderator world, please don’t be surprised if the rules are changed to help the community adapt to unforeseen trails and tribulations. Any support is welcomed. Thanks! Your maintainer: beyondfake_0

lesbiwin This is also co-founded/modded by beyondfake_0